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i just spent the last two days

reading Chibi Vampire.
while i realize that it probably wasn't the best use of my time, i have to say
i mean, the story was pretty good (not the best, but whatever, it was entertaining) and the main issue seemed to be resolved...
so why the heck did karin's freaking family erase her memory?!!
"she's basically human" argument did nothing for me; so what if she's almost/basically human? that doesn't mean her FAMILY had to take away her memories of them and abandon her to think she didn't have a family in the first place! it's like, what? she couldn't have lived with you guys even if she was different? news flash: she was already different--that's what the entire story's about.

so...i also spent the last two days reading Red River (Anatolia Story).
it's not that i hate the ending, it's just that it didn't do a lot for me. ok, so yuri marries kail, overthrows nakia, and the empire's in peace, yadda yadda yadda.
there really wasn't anything after that, except for some random stories that didn't revolve around the main, main characters. and the last story about yuri's granddaughter and ramses's grandson felt like it was just thrown in there for filler.
not the best way to end a story.
though i did read something in wikipedia about there being a flashforward to the "present", where the guy that had liked yuri (when she was still in that time) found traces of her in the past,
it's nowhere to be found x_x
see, THAT'S  a good way to end a story: go back to the place where it all started and see how the other characters were affected.
(even if i'm not a fan of the the aforementioned guy's marriage to yuri's sister....but whatever)

gah, as of now, i've finished maybe five mangas?
let's see: Red River, Chibi Vampire, Prince of Tennis, MAR, YuYu Hakusho...
yay me? haha

ehh...while i'm on mangas, i might as well think of animes: Blood+, YuYu Hakusho (i love how they finished the entire series in dub, btw xD), Prince of Tennis...
somehow, i feel like there're more...>_>
maybe i'm thinking of watching all those naruto/bleach/one piece episodes? @_@

oh well.
i'm eating a cupcake ^_^


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