caroline is sorry.
...because she got everyone sick.
she really didn't mean to.

it probably won't make anything better if i say that i don't have a cold anymore...
>_> my bad.

though it might lift your spirits if i say that i'm officially screwed.
see? better already.
why screwed? because my math final is in about 10 1/2 hours,
and of course, i have not studied. at all.
wooo T_T

i failed the subject tests.

Writer's Block: A Little Green
Top o' the morning to you! Has anyone ever pinched you for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?
yes >_<

might as well.
You're packing your bag for that magical desert island that happens to have electricity, a TV, and a DVD player—what five DVDs do you take with you?
shoot 'em up
stardust OR 27 dresses (xD)
robin hood: men in tights


Writer's Block: More Island Time
You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?
how many desert islands are there anyway? geez.

five books (order does not equal more love):
- dramacon #1 by svetlana chmakova
- i am the messenger by markus zusak
- swallowing darkness by laurell k. hamilton
- prince of ice by emma holly
- (sadly, and of course) twilight OR the host by stephenie meyer (can't choose between these. lol)

i've just signed up for the SATs...

Writer's Block: Spoilers Below the Cut
Have you ever ruined the ending or given away plot developments in a book, movie, or tv show by telling someone who hasn't seen or read it what happens? Has anyone ever done this to you?
yes (to the first).
yes yes yes.
HAHAHA, sorry melissa, kandis, amy, jessica, mathew, jeremy, jovi, and all the other people that just love me.

thing is...
i really don't know where my life is going.
you might be going "oh god, it's another idiot whining about their future" or something like that, but the thing is that
i suck.
i totally suck.
like, on a cosmic scale.
would you like to know why i suck so badly?
behold my list (and yes, i'm aware of the geekiness of this):
1. the most common thing i've said today: i need to start driver's ed soon.
2. needless to say, i haven't started driver's education.
3. i promised my counselor that i'd sign up for the sat's/act's in november of last year, and (of course) haven't done that yet either.
4. it took me about 40 seconds to run up that stupid hill for the physics lab, while the average in my class was possibly 34 seconds. meaning i am wayyyy out of shape.
5. i failed my physics final. i'm not even joking.
6. i've been trying to make myself participate in stiert's class. sadly, hasn't happened yet.
7. i have no friggin' clue what job i'm willing to work for when i get older.
8. i've tried to go to sleep early this week, but i seem to be incapable of getting into bed before two.
9. i'm making a list of reasons why i suck.

i'm not ready for the world.

i feel the need to do this
literaryrocker 3:30 in the morning xD

merry not-even-close-to xmas :)
1. free texting
2. gift cards for hot topic/barnes&noble/itunes
3. chocolate
4. chocolate
5. chocolate
6. graphic tee(s)
7. dry-erase board
8. sign that says: "(your name) loves caroline! :D"
9. zombie! (the bread-and-cheese kind. not the undead, flesh-eating kind)
10. i said chocolate, right?

Writer's Block: Legends of Rock
There are a few concerts that go down in musical history—Altamont, Woodstock, Live Aid, the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds tour—as legendary experiences. What live show stands as legend in your own experience?
hannah montana? seriously?!

but anyway, considering i've only gone to one now & zen fest (like four years ago), a fray concert, and warped tour...




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