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i met a boy.

rainy day, minus the rain.
way too cold for sitting around.
hot chocolate in hand,
make that two (one spilled a little).
oh, hi. nice to meet you.
my name is caroline.
what school do you go to?
i like your robot. it's pretty cool.
can i try on your glasses?
so how's life?
i like this band.
you play the piano? sweet.
huddling for warmth,
taking pictures with someone else's camera.
so, what college are you going to?
i think it's getting colder.
the acts are ending.
my camera is full.
i should have charged my phone.
well, it was nice to meet you.
short burst of warmth
within an embrace.
look back and wave.
time passes,
nothing's changed.
caroline, i have something important to ask you.
oh, hey. what's up?
will you go to the dance with me?


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