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i don't use this.

i really don't, meaning that i should delete it.

the only thing is (to me, anyway) is that i'd be losing all (five) friends that i have on here, which include ilona andrews and libbra bray. okay, yes, we've technically never spoken, but the little friend display on the home page raises my self-esteem.

gah, i don't know.
i really want to delete all the stuff i don't use tho. except for myspace, there's pretty much no sentimental value for any of it.
friendster, myyearbook, that tagworld thing? i think i can trash those.
this, myspace, and buzznet? no way. no idea why, really. i just can't >:T

damn. i need to start my homework.


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(Deleted comment)
wooo, ego-boost!
haha, thanks. i'll take a look.

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